Revisiting past works.

Last August (2013), I began a body of work loosely titled, "Trash as Product Placement"; I wanted to explore the idea of litter around Lawrence, KS and focus on the life and death of these products, especially in a college town. Once glorified, advertised and sold as "must have" items, these artifacts now live broken and abandoned on the sidewalks. The methodology behind this work was simple: take the photo exactly where the item was discovered and place it on two pieces of foam core to create the illusion of a geometric shape and/or backdrop. Once I experimented with a few images I was happy with, I made a photobook. This book was then created with found materials to reflect the concept of littered garbage, so I bound the book in newspaper I found on the street and printed on leftover scraps of paper picked up on campus. 

Hopefully I'll soon have the time to revisit this body of work and keep it going. 



Liz AdcockComment