Goodbye, Kansas.

As most of you know, I leave for Tampa TOMORROW. I still feel like it hasn't really hit me yet and probably won't until I wake up at 5 a.m. Knowing I'll be gone for two whole months is the weirdest feeling... I've never been away from certain people for that long at once; even when I went to school in Arkansas, I still came home to visit once a month. Regardless, I'm stoked. I've had internships with photo studios in the past, but this time it's with an actual museum and for those who know me, it's basically a dream of mine. The drive to want to work in an art museum has always been there for me, but it wasn't until recently that it hit me as a real possible career path. I'm so so so excited to be working with the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts this summer and really hope to make the most out of my time in FL. I'm also planning to continue blogging about my experience this summer away from home and my new temporary life in Tampa. 


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