St. Petersburg, FL.

First, there are a few things I knew but have forgotten about living in Florida; always keep the following in your car:

  • bathing suit
  • sun screen
  • umbrella
  • water bottle
  • change for the meter
  • backup clothes & makeup

I spent the day exploring St. Pete by visiting the Dali Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. While both were superb in their own way, I never realized how much I took the Nelson-Atkins (Kansas City) for granted. The Nelson not only offers free admission (excluding special exhibits), but it has an extraordinary collection housed in a large space. Don't get me wrong, I loved my time at both museums today, but they were definitely over priced for how little there was on view. As someone who wants to work for an art museum, this was a strange experience. The Dali was definitely my favorite; the unique architecture and flow of the museum was exciting for a first-timer and the outdoor area was beautiful, not to mention the awesome artwork on display.

After realizing I had spent too much money on museum parking, admission and gift shops, I went for a free option next: the beach. Also, the architecture around here is hysterical. 



Liz AdcockComment