Saying goodbye to the old.

On September 19, Overland Park icon, Metcalf South Shopping Center, officially closed its doors. Originally opened in 1967, this shopping center was a stand still; a building frozen in time. I've only lived in Overland Park for 8 years, but for as long as I've known the place, it has always been somewhat empty, with the exception of a Sears, a testing and learning center and a popcorn/candy store, called Topsy's; my mom even worked in this building for almost 2 years.

Any time I went in, it was as if I was being transported to a new decade, but an emptier, sad time as well. The only hustle and bustle, other than employees, came from an elderly group of loyal "walkers". It was near to impossible to enter the shopping center and not see a few. 

I actually went one last time on September 19, before realizing it was the LAST day, and walked around the exterior with another photo friend who was just as eager to witness the last days of the abandoned landmark. It was just as incredible as it was unfortunate. 


A new site has even been created so locals can share opinions for the future of what is to come of Metcalf South.

Liz AdcockComment