I apologize for how long it has been! This last semester was a whirl wind of chaos and preparing for graduation, but now I'm finally done! So bittersweet.

It's been interesting trying to decide who I really am as a photographer and really narrowing down what it is I'm trying to communicate. Even though I'm still figuring that out, I definitely have more of a focus and feel good about where I'm going. The focus of the work posted on my site is pretty straight forward, but there's a whole other side to what I like to shoot and that's my family. None of it is on here just yet, but I'm trying to curate what I think will eventually be a whole other body of work.

Below is a link to a photo book I made this past semester, it's my own version of Larry Sultan's Home Movie Stills

The actual book was handmade with the traditional Tortoise Shell binding technique.

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